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New Life Insurance


The guarantees are written in years. In any case, it is necessary to know well the terms on which they apply, particularly to companies where the dealership (Fiat, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Opel and Toyota) extends the factory warranty. Finally, in order to avoid any problems if you do any work outside the authorized workshop network, always use genuine or equivalent spare parts as required by Community law.

ALFA ROMEO  3  3  8
AUDI  2  3  12
BMW  2  3  12
CADILLAC  3  3  6
CHEVROLET  3  3  6
CHINA MOTORS  3-5(4)  3-5(4)  -
CHRYSLER  7  3  7
CITROEN  2  3  12
DAIHATSU  3(6)  3  8
DODGE  7  3  7
FERRARI  3  3  3
FIAT  2, 3(5)  3  8
FORD  5  2  12
HONDA  10  3  12
HYUNDAI  3  3  6
INFINITI  3  3  12
ISUZU  3  3  3
JAGUAR  3  6  6
JEEP  7  3  7
KIA  3,5(1), 7(2)  3  5(1), 10
LADA  3  3  3
LANCIA  2(7)  3  8
LAND ROVER  3, 5(3)  3  6
LEXUS  6  3  12
LOTUS  2  2  2
MASERATI  3  3  3
MAZDA  3  3  12
MERCEDES     2     2     30  2  2  30
MG ROVER     2     2     6  2  2  6
MINI     3     3     12   3  3  12
MITSUBISHI     10     3     12   10  3  12
NISSAN     3     3     12   3  3  12
OPEL     6     2     12   6  2  12
PEUGEOT     2     3     12   2  3  12
PORSCHE     2     3     10   2  3  10
RENAULT     2, 3(7)     3     12   2, 3(7)  3  12
SAAB     2     2     10   2  2  10
SEAT     2     3     12   2  3  12
SKODA     2     3     12   2  3  12
SMART GmbH     2     2     6   2  2  6
SSANGYONG     3     3     6   3  3  6
SUBARU     3     3     12   3  3  12
SUZUKI     3     3     6   3  3  6
TOYOTA     6     3     12   6  3  12
VOLVO     2     2     12   2  2  12
VW     2     3     12   2  3  12

(1) Concerns Carens
(2) It concerns Sportage, Cee'd, Pro_Cee'd
(3) Concerns Freelander
(4) It concerns Ceo, Landwind
(5) It concerns Sedici
(6) With a limit of 100,000 km
(7) Concerns Laguna, Koleos (8) Concerns Delta

 Driving license category A (initial or extension)
 Issue of Category B driving license (initial or extension)
 Extension of driving license to category C
 Extension of driving license in category D
 Extension of driving license to category C + E
 Renewal of driving license
 Replace a driving license with a corresponding Community type
 Issue of a copy of a driving license, a Greek or EU Member State, for loss or theft or damage or spoilage
 Conversion of a valid driving license from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Cyprus to a corresponding Greek
 Conversion of a valid driving license from a Member State of the EU in a corresponding Greek, without medical, theoretical and practical examination
 Conversion of a valid driving license to a corresponding Greek (category A, B or B + E or subcategory A1 or B1)
 Restriction of driving license categories without theoretical and practical examination
 Extension of driving license to category B + E
 Extension of driving license in category D + E
 Issuance of a special driving license for passenger public use (car taxi)
 Renewal of special driving license (taxi) (granted before the entry into force of Law 3109/2003 Government Gazette A38)
 Issuance of a copy of a special driving license for public passenger use (taxi, vehicle ID) due to loss of or damage or theft
 Authorization to engage in the occupation of road haulage operator or passenger
 Extension of special driving license (taxi, vehicle ID)
 Issue of a new passenger car or private motorcycle license
 Transfer and issue of a license for a numbered passenger car or motorcycle for private use (private cars)
 Issuance of a registration of a passenger car or a motorcycle for private use due to a change of engine
 Issuance of a copy of the registration of a passenger car and a motorcycle for private use due to loss, damage or theft
 Issuance of a notice of attachment of a trailer (passenger car or trunk or boats) to passenger cars for private use, towing license (box, trailer), trailer towing license (new - used)
 Statement of immobility of trucks and buses for private use
 Validation of a private bus (LI) and a private-use truck (PIC)
 Replacement of national public passenger transport license plates imported at reduced tariffs
 Transfer of private use of vehicle due to heritage
 Withdrawal of retention of ownership of a passenger car or motorcycle for private use (private vehicle)
 Issue of registration and state license plates for cars and motorcycles
 Issuance of a private vehicle (PIC) car registration certificate, gross weight up to 4,000 km / h (professional)
 Licensing of private and commercial trucks and trucks with a gross weight of up to 4,000 km / h for agricultural, livestock, poultry, beekeepers etc. Individual companies or companies (agricultural license)
 Issuance of a private motor vehicle (PIC) license, with a gross weight of up to 2,500 km / h, to non-main occupation, farmers
 Issuance of a private vehicle (PIC) car license, gross weight of more than 4,000 km / h, professional or rural, for individual companies or companies (including agricultural, livestock, etc.)
 Authorization of a passenger car for private use to people with special needs (IDPs)
 Traffic license for a private car
 Validation of a transfer agreement without a number of imported truck or bus cars
 Issuance of a new public transport vehicle (HIC) license due to a transfer
 Validation of a Vehicle Passenger Vehicle Transmission Agreement (VAS)
 Validation of a Public Transit Bus (TRN) Transmission and Vehicle Passenger Public Transit (RVC) Agreement
 Issuance of a new public passenger car (SDR) license due to a transfer
 Declassification of a public utility vehicle
 Issuance of a new tourist bus license
 Replacement of state registration plates for motor vehicles and motorcycles or trailers due to their theft or loss or damage or destruction
 Change car color
 Final deletion of a car or motorcycle from the relevant registers due to destruction, dismantling or definitive export abroad
 Authorization of public or private buses for public use in exchange for another
 Renewal of license to practice a trainer of candidate drivers
 Issue of a license copy of a trainer of candidate drivers in case of loss or damage
 Licensing to practice as a technician in motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds, of any specialty under Article 2 of Law 1575/85, as amended by Law 3185/2003
 Authorization of operation of repair and maintenance workshops for cars, motorcycles and mopeds
 Authorization of public service liquid fuel service within approved city plans
 Authorization of a vehicle repair shop to provide the exhaust control card
 Approval of position approval and authorization to establish public service liquid fuel in approved urban plans
Approval of position approval and authorization to set up repair and maintenance teams for cars, motorcycles and mopeds



World Automobile Federation
World Federation of Automobile Manufacturers
European Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Independent EuroNCAP Crash Testing Organization
Motorway Road Safety Agency USA
Car of the Year



Friendly Settlement Form



Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ministry of Economy & Finance
Ministry of Public Order
General Secretariat for Consumer



ELPA: 10400
Express Service: 1154
Intercession: 800 11 11 555, 11555 (mobile)
Interamerican: 1168
Europ Assistance: 210-3497001
Euro SOS Assistance: 801 11 66 000, 210-6504000
Inter Partner Assistance: 210-9475900
Mondial Assistance: 210-9988100






Direct Action (Athens): 100
Athens Traffic: 210-5230111
Traffic Piraeus: 210-4113832
Traffic of Thessaloniki: 2310-554144
Police departments: 1033
Direct port police intervention: 108
Tourist police: 171
Fire Department (Athens): 199
Forest Service: 191



Immediate Help Center (Athens): 166
SOS Doctors (Athens): 1016
On duty hospitals, clinics, doctors & pharmacies: 14944
On duty & overnight hospitals (Athens): 106
On duty & overnight pharmacies (Athens): 107
First Aid Station IKA (Athens): 2106467811
Poison Center (Athens): 210-7793777
IKA-ASTHENOFORA (Thessaloniki): 2310-261421
First aid IKA Industries. area of Sindos (Thessaloniki): 2310-798059
First Aid Station (Thessaloniki): 2310-530530, 210-52258
Life Line-SOS (Athens) 175



OTE Call Center: 134
Consumer Institute (INKA): 210-3632443
General Secretariat of the Consumer: 1520
Subsidiary Chapter: 210-3327400





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