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For Individuals
New Life Insurance


Our Family is our own Life. Take some of your precious time to secure it.

We have solutions for:

  • Health
  • The Pension
  • The studies of children

And also many other collaterals that will provide security to your family.


Wanting to secure what you have gained with little or no effort, we give you solutions for very important assets for you, such as:

  • Home
  • The cottage
  • The car
  • The boat
  • The company


With just 2 € a day we can generate a significant income for:

  • Pension
  • Saving
  • Securing a family


"I lost my suitcase, I got sick while I was vacation, the trip was postponed."

All this and many other things that can happen on the move, we are able to guarantee you the uninterrupted continuity of your journey.
Travel insurance


Tips and suggestions from our experienced economists to get the best solution for:

  • Loans
  • Subsidies
  • Settlement of debts



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