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New Life Insurance




After our 25 years of experience in life and health insurance programs, our office can offer you insurance solutions to ensure both the level of your own life and the future level of your family's life.
Everyone, in our effort to ensure the level of life we ​​desire, forgets the most precious asset we have:


We have health programs for every balancing. We have the ability to obtain that for you is useful and necessary.
Some of the possibilities we can offer you are:

Visits to doctors of the company, but even to your own choice.
Ability to test immediately and quickly in larger Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers.
Preventive Medicine (Prevention should become a habit).
Diagnostic Exam Capability.
Possibility of free choice of hospitalization in a hospital or clinic.
And, a host of other benefits that you can get informed directly and quickly by our qualified insurance consultant.


Preventing and caring for your health will result in the best quality of your life.
Tax exemption for your premiums according to the applicable tax legislation.


Our home, the dream of every Greek family.

How much trouble did we do to get it? How many hours did it take? What joys are we deprived of?
When we really think about all of the above, let's think about how many dangers threaten this dream to be lost (Fire, Earthquake, Flood) in a minimal time.

Our office, using trusted large-scale programs, will provide a solution to your concerns.
The cost; Is it certain that when you learn it you will think about why I have not locked it yet?

See below some of the cover you can get through a home insurance scheme:

  • Fire - Thunderbolt
  • Wide Explosion
  • Falling aircraft
  • Damage from fire smoke
  • Fire from forest
  • Vehicle strikes
  • Fall of trees or branches of poles or cables
  • Waste disposal costs
  • Replacement Expenses
  • Items in Temporary Accommodation
  • Storage costs
  • Architect's engineer fees
  • Terrorist actions
  • Strikes - strikes, embarrassment, political riots
  • Malicious actions
  • Fracture of the building's glass
  • Urban Responsibility Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Paintings
  • Numerous other benefits


Protecting the effort of a lifetime.
Tax exemption for your premiums according to the applicable tax legislation.


The dream of every person for many reasons is the acquisition of a car.
Whatever its value, for us is something of value.
Car insurance is mandatory by law, but the decision to secure your asset is yours.
The many years of experience in the field of car insurance give us the choice to find the insurance that suits the price that suits you.

Here are some of the coverage we recommend for your car:

  • Third Party Liability (Mandatory)
  • Fire
  • Fire from terrorist acts
  • Theft Total / Partial
  • Crystal breakage
  • Natural phenomena
  • Personal driver accident
  • Legal protection
  • Full road assistance
  • Malicious acts


Coverage and packages available on the insurance market vary according to the choice of the insurance company.


Your asset is secured.


If we told you that we can, in any part of the world and if you are a phone we can send an ambulance, a helicopter, an airplane, to charter any means of transport to save your life would you believe it?

Unbelievable and yet we are witnessing several of these incidents with our customers.
We are proud to have and offer it to you.
We all need it and we owe it to ourselves and our family first.



With this product you ensure that wherever you are, someone will be next to you to help with the sudden health problem that you will experience.


You can with a simple liability insurance policy get rid of the uncertainty about the financial impact you may have as a professional from negligence of yourself or your staff.

Personal liability insurance or professional liability insurance abroad is very widespread.

Below, we present coverings that exist in the insurance market and we believe you will find it useful:

General Civil Liability of Business / Business Areas, you cover for your Third Party Liability for accidents that will occur to them from the operation of your business premises and are due to negligent acts or omissions of yours or your staff.

If you practice the profession of pharmacist, you cover for your Professional Liability against third parties for personal injury, death or even material damage due to negligence or omissions of yours or your staff that are at your service and are related to the exercise of the profession as well as with the operation of your pharmacy space.

Of course there are AE insurance policies and other professional groups who want to cover their civil liability, where through our consultants who have the corresponding expertise in the Professional Liability of the professional, you can get more and more useful information.


Your profession will not be an obstacle to your personal and family peace.


Surely if someone asks you: "what does Road Assistance cover?"

You will answer: "In the event that my car breaks it will take it to the nearest workshop."

And, "what is the cost of this coverage?"

You will answer: "from 50 € to 70 € per year."

Do you know that, at less cost, you could have other benefits?

Speaking with our qualified consultant you will find it!

With just 35 € per year you can secure your car's Road Assistance.


For you who have a business "every day is a road race to be able to stand on the market".
Every day is a challenge to small or big problems that you have to overcome.

Because your concerns and troubles are many, give us the opportunity to suggest solutions to everyday problems that may be presented.
Everyone claims to know, but especially because of our experience few know what we, a meeting with us will convince you to become our customers.

Some indicative cover for insuring your business:

  • Fire - lightning, damage from fire smoke
  • Fire from forest
  • Explosion
  • Fall of an aircraft and objects falling from it
  • Theft by burglary or robbery and with an elbow
  • Damages of the thief in the building and the content
  • Storm, storm, flood from rain or snow
  • Pipe leakage
  • Terrorist actions
  • Vehicle impact
  • Costs of collecting ruins as a result of covered risks
  • Temporary relocation costs
  • Civil liability for fire
  • Crystal breakage
  • Breaking inscriptions
  • Robbery / hold up
  • General civil liability (from the operation of the premises of the company)
  • Employer Liability (Exclusively Exclusive Professional Liability)
  • Interruption
  • All-Risk Electronic Equipment for P.C. - cash registers - call centers - fax machines - photocopiers.

The personal accident can happen at any time. Why not be prepared?

According to statistical studies, at least 5 months of our lifetime will involve a minor or major accident.

So, in the course of everyday life, there is a risk that we can not exclude.

Ensure your family a substantial chapter if an accident causes you to miss life.
Our office can support you by selecting several companies to cover your personal accident.

The Personal Accident can directly provide your own people with the cover capital you have chosen to protect them, thus covering the significant impact that a serious accident can have on family financial planning.

In addition, our office provides you with travel insurance for the outside with a lot of interesting coverage even if you go for a very short time.


Significantly low cost compared to the height of coverage.
Tax exemption for your premiums according to the applicable tax legislation.


Our office, in cooperation with the best insurance companies in boat insurance, can offer complete programs for your boat.

Your Boat Liability Insurance is COMPULSORY.

Here are some of the benefits of a boat insurance program:

Total theft
Material damage from malicious damage
Piracy, volcanic eruption, earthquake, thunder
Exuberance, bad weather
Fire, explosion
Impact, immersion, collision, collision
Expenses for wreck or wreck removal
Coastal / towage costs


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